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38-year old Anna Bell Peaks is an adult star from California. She was born on July 26th, 1981. She is 5'6" tall and weighs 119 pounds. Her measurements are: 32G-26-32.

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8 thoughts on “About Anna Bell Peaks

  1. Kyle

    I love you Anna Bell. When Isaw your first video I thought your were a goddess. You eyes are so seductive, your smile is so captivating, and your tits are THE best. Quiet simply everything about you is awesome. And I love how you are a nerd and like to do dorky things too. I can’t say enough about how gorgeous you are!!!! Keep rocking your gorgeous body. Have a good day babe!!!

  2. Tom

    Hello. I am not normally attracted to tattoos and body piercings, but I also know that intelligent people can make it work nicely. My sister has fewer than you, but has about as much coverage – especially a full body tiger tattoo on her back and side. You are certainly one of those people, like my sister. You might want to take at Shadoworks Art & Design Studio if you’re ever around Clermont County, Ohio. My sister’s ex-husband is Jimmy Shadow, and does brilliant work with tattoos. I also think that you could be one of those to run or own a video production company yourself. You are certainly one of the best I’ve seen. With a good storyline, you could be in better videos than what’s out there now. One last thing – respectively: I’ve only been with one woman – my wife – and I have no issue keeping it that way, but I have been curious to know how a guy should handle breasts like yours? There’s nothing wrong with them, or you. It is just a curiosity that I’ve explained to my wife, but it still makes me wonder about breasts larger than an A cup. They look like a lot of fun!

  3. armando ramirez

    Do you have snapchat? Can we chat from there? Im a model at wilhelmina bazzar kinda want to chat with you for a bit as friends?


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